Join our Team of Coaches

Our wonderful soccer teachers are unique, kind, caring educators to the core. We have a team of true teachers who are exceptional role models in life. Our teachers are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first individual, then team excellence.

Future Legends League Coaches

Join our team of Future Legends coaches. We have teams available that play 8-week seasons throughout the year. Have a blast coaching 5 through 7 year olds in their early years of the beautiful game! Some coaching knowledge is necessary, but we can teach you what we've learned along the way - most importantly, league coaches must have the ability to boost kids' confidence and instill a "go for it" mentality! Our coaches use fun games to teach dribbling, shooting, and our favorite fakes and moves. We focus on the individual development of each player to create a solid foundation for their youth soccer career. This position is perfect for college students and young adults who love working with kids. For more details about our league, click the link below!


5-10 hours/week


Soccer, coaching, or teaching experience required

Exciting changes are here! We want you to know our coaches and staff are excited to serve you with the approach, philosophy, and values they have built over the years. You can check out our new website at: